How to become a Career Counselor

You want to be a Career Counselor. Career Counseling is a rewarding career. Along with being one of the best-paid jobs, it also brings the satisfaction of being of help to fellow individuals. 

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Important Skills for Career Counselling

Not everyone is suited to be a Career Counselor. Career counselors have distinct personalities. They tend to be social individuals, which means they’re kind, generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, tactful, and friendly. They excel at socializing, helping others, and teaching. Additionally, one must be enterprising – trying new things, energetic, upbeat, extroverted, dynamic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. There are many accredited career coach certifications in the market. But, mere Certifications and Education can hardly make a good Counselor. A Career Counselor needs good business acumen. With only talent to go and no business intelligence, you tend to lose interest in the profession owing to a lack of business. It is also essential that a career counselor is a Marketing Expert, Social Media savvy, Networking enthusiast, and Communication Wizard. If you want to counsel people on career aspects, you better equip yourself with all the above traits.

Career Counselling in India

There is a lot of confusion and a lack of awareness in how one makes career decisions in India. Counselors are scarce, so it is simply impossible to reach the millions of students; we believe that the answer is technology, which can improve India’s status of career counseling. To know more about career counselling , click here.

Challenges of being a Career Counselor in India

The Indian education sector lacks counseling professionals. The number of students far outnumbers professional counselors available, dealing much pressure on the few qualified career counselors. In most cases, family and peers influence students’ career choices. And in many cases, students, their parents, and even schools are ignorant of counseling benefits. In cases where parents find counseling unnecessary, getting parents aligned with those choices is a huge challenge. More than a challenge, career counseling is a huge responsibility, given its bearing on the direction of a student’s life and career.

How to become a Career Counselor?

A career counselor’s sole purpose is to guide students to their best career paths. Besides being an educator, one may perceive a career counselor as a friend and a mentor. Though not required to have information at fingertips, a career counselor should know or must be able to find out the following information quickly:

  • Skills needed in various fields
  • Salary of each field
  • Job prospects of the career
  • Where one can study
  • Good colleges
  • Courses
  • Fees
  • Loans
  • Mentors
  • Personality to suit the career

There are many ways to become a career counselor. Typically, graduation in any field followed by Post Graduation in Counselling with an emphasis in Career Counseling is required to pursue a career in counseling. For those holding a Master’s degree, a graduate certificate program in career counseling is an acceptable credential to start practice. 

A Career Counselor can choose to work in one of the following ways:

  1. As an in-house Counselor for schools
  2. Employed with a career counseling firm
  3. Run a consultancy delivering Career Guidance services

In the first two cases, it is sufficient to be good at counseling and not worry about much else. But to run a successful consultancy, one must master other skills such as Marketing, Social Media, Client conversations, and be good with all business-related skills. 

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Career Counselling for Students

One can focus on working with school students starting with Grade 8 up till Grade 10 while starting out on career counselling engagements. High School students need a broad idea on which stream should be chosen for choosing an ideal career path later. New Career Counselors may work with schools on part time basis or in partnership model. Check out more about career counselling here. If you are looking for a career counsellor, check out here.

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Career Counselling for Working Professionals

Today, many adults are caught up in less than happy jobs and careers. That being said, professionals often find the need to speak to a counselor for their advice on career switch. Not just young professionals, today, top executives on the verge of retirement, choose to continue working on a consultant basis post retirement with the idea of starting a venture with the retirement benefits. In any case, career counselling professionals have a role to play in carving a career path for working professionals as well.

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