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I started my career as a software engineer. Having served in the tech industry with major tech giants for 15 years, I felt the urge to move on. To start a new chapter in my life. But start what? Hence began the quest. I tried many things. Dropped many plans. Picked up others. But what stayed on was the constant thought at the back of my mind that I could have done better with my career choice. Really, I never was cut out to be in the software industry. I did well, but never a happy day those fifteen gruelling years. It is such a pathetic statement to make. So, then it occurred to me. Would it not be great to do something in the area I loved? That is where I began my career in Career Planning and Personal Branding.

A Journey Which Lasts Forever

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My Journey

Born in the small town of Berhampur, Orissa in the eastern part of India.

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Upcoming Events

Watch this space for interesting events for individuals and businesses. All about career development, personal branding, and tools that build efficiency in life and business

01 Jun

Kickass Designer

  • 12:00 pm
  • chennai

A hands-on training to design crazy designs for your business using free tools. Learn to make documents and videos that can help you promote your business in the most professional way. Don't ever hire a freelancer again!

07 Jun

Digital Marketing For Solopreneurs

  • 12:00 pm
  • chennai

A Business without a marketing plan? No way! To hire a digital marketer with no revenue is not feasible. It is a chicken first or egg first problem. But here is the answer. Learn to run your own digital marketing campaign without having to depend on marketing agencies!

24 May

Linkdin For Personal Branding

  • 12:00 pm
  • chennai

It is not new. Your personal brand will fire you up the job game. Also your sales. It sells without selling. That is what I will help you get started with once you are through my workshop! Make yourself this brand that people identify with.

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