This is me

It has been a long journey, folks. I have had a lot of fun in my journey as a teacher, entrepreneur, and trainer. The satisfaction of seeing someone through their challenges and come out successful has a thrill beyond compare. 

Career and Interpersonal Communication are my two main interests. I spent the last 6 years building this business, my personal brand, and talking to students and professionals about their career challenges. I have worked with students and professionals. I have helped more than 1200 individuals do the right things with their careers with my courses and consulting. My work has taken me on a whole new learning curve – ranging from making the right career choices and overcoming job-related challenges to making more money and changing careers and jobs.  In all these years of working in the career domain, I’ve mastered the art and science of building one’s career and personal brand step by step.

2000+ Students and Professionals Have Benefited From My Services

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